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  • Samantha M.

Summer Renewal for Students: Paving a Successful Year

Summer is the best time to relax, right? Yes. And more!  Use the remaining days to intentionally set yourself for success come this next academic year.  How about also as you relax, you can also RE - 

Remember, Rest, & Refresh:

 Summertime can be a season to start once again. Give thoughts to the following:

  • School ended and what a year! Take time to note what you are proud of achieving and remember the attitudes, decisions, behaviors and habits you took to get there. Someone (maybe you!) might benefit from your story and encouragement!

  • Now take some time to slow down and rest.  No closed fist stays strong when clenched for too long. 

  • Who, what activity, and/or what space would allow you to feel energized? Brainstorm some ideas as we are at our best when we are refreshed and anew!

Reflect, Realign & Recenter:

Did life throw you some curveballs this past year taking you off your center? Yes, you feel it: “I’m not myself” or “This isn’t how I want to be/live.”  Then consider:

  • Clear the clutter: physically, on social media, habits, unresolved misunderstandings between important people in your life. Reflect on this past year. 

  • Who or what activity can help me realign myself? This can be an old friend/confidant/role model figure as well as activities that turn off that critical voice from the left side of  your brain, and allows your right side of the brain to relax and remember.

  • Even Marie Kondo took time to “thank” items she discarded during any organization.  What can you thank and be grateful for? Recenter yourself as we can grow the most in new skills and  perspectives. We are strengthened when our sails are challenged….not just when they catch the wind in the direction we want to go. 

Reset, Reimagine & Renovate:

The above sections might sequentially lead to this phase of life.  What are some goals you have for yourself this next year?  

  • In what ways do you want to expand and reset your mindset? It may be an observable skill or an internal trait or mindset:  empathy, patience, time management, etc. 

  • Reimagine something new.  We expand by experiencing new things and challenging our comfort zone and predispositions.  Plan out a few key activities that you want to experience -  not because they look good on a resume, but offer new challenges and goals. Read a book, take an online course, learn a new language, or start learning your grandma’s family recipe. 

  • Consider a few habits that would make the biggest difference towards your goals. Train your brain to renovate a habit or behavior to improve on. Create action points and follow through. Start positively, set alarms to train yourself, and forgive yourself when mistakes are made. It can take a month to a few months to form a new habit; allow yourself some grace. 

You’re so wonderfully you!  Enjoy your own company and self this next month!


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