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Six Ways to Stay Productive During Summer Break

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Summer is not over yet! With only a couple of weeks left, you can still take advantage of summer break to prepare for this upcoming semester. Incorporating these pastimes and small habits into your daily routine will benefit you in the long run for the next school year. You can even customize them to your specific interests and passions to make them a fun activity to end your summer with!

1. Read read read!

Reading is always important, no matter what season it is. Find short stories, novels, and even audiobooks or podcasts that spark your passions! Reading is one way to find inspiration for future planning or career mapping.

2. Career Mapping

Take this summer to understand what you like! How did you enjoy spending your free time in the summer? Is there anything new you wanted to try but did not have enough time for? Learn more about yourself and study these interests to find out what career best fits you in the future. Try out to find out more!

3. Find New Hobbies

If you are the type who likes everything or is curious to try new things, take this free time as a chance to discover new hobbies! Maybe try painting, volunteering at a summer camp, taking care of animals, anything that could develop into a job interest.

4. Take Certification Courses

If you’re interested in working in tech, try taking free certification courses offered by Google! By completing these courses, not only do you gain experience, but you can add them to your college applications or resumes to make you an even better applicant! Find out more here:

5. Part-Time Job / Hands-on Experience

Try finding part-time or internship opportunities in your interested field to gain hands-on experience! It is better to find out earlier than later if it is the right fit for you.

6. Visit Colleges

Visit your dream college(s) to get an idea of the campus! Although visiting colleges during class sessions are recommended to get a more realistic idea of campus life, take advantage of your free time in the summer! This allows you to explore the campus when it is less crowded and tour the campus at your own pace. When choosing, visiting campuses and understanding their layout and social life surrounding them can be very important. In addition, you can make it a fun trip with your friends to end your summer. If anything, virtual tours are available as well if you cannot make the trip!


7. Join AP!

Find out more about your options, and let us help you find your best-fit college! AP Academy now offers College Counseling services by our director of education, Tasha Chang. Navigating the application process is difficult and ever-changing, so sign-up by emailing!


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