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We came to the United States when my son was in elementary school. He attended both public elementary and junior high schools. In the seventh grade, we planned to apply for private high schools. I was referred to visit AP Academy, and at that time, this learning center had just opened. After trying a class in AP Academy, my son said that he liked Mr. Rob's class very much. Then, during the  whole summer vacation from seventh grade to eighth grade school year, we took the ISEE prep course at AP Academy. While learning in AP, my son's English level had vastly improved. He scored well on the two ISEE exams in the eighth grade. Throughout the application process, Mr. Rob helped my son tremendously. Whenever he had any questions, he would communicate with Mr. Rob in person and through email, and would get helpful advice every time. In writing the most important essay, Rob didn’t simply tell my son how to write. Instead, he used strategies to help  guide my son to discover his style and write more effectively. 

                     After receiving the school's prompts, Mr. Rob first spent a lot of time communicating with my son, and the two of them brainstormed together. For the three prompts, they first set the topic, then selected the materials, and then discussed the structure of the article, and  finally my son would write on his own with the teacher helping to edit the final draft. Eventually, a vivid and excellent composition was written. AP even provided careful counseling for the interview skills, including speaking tone, posture, and questions. During the interviews,  the interviewer was happy to tell my son that it was more like a pleasant conversation than an interview.In the end, all four private high schools that my son applied to,sent admission notices. My son was able to attend his dream school, Sage High School. AP Academy helped contribute to my son’s high success. 

My son really enjoys  AP Academy as Mr. Rob and Ms. Tasha have helped him very much. As a parent, I am very pleased that there are trustworthy teachers and  that we found AP Academy.

~Sherry L. 


A few years ago, I was also a student looking for academies and prep classes in the Irvine area. In my many years here, I have stumbled upon many different well-known academies. The academies I have attended within Irvine are average at best, and that is due to their attitude towards their students. In reality, they do not care about their students and do not invest any interest in them. A common theme I witnessed is their negligence of students, as they would enroll the children into classes that make the most money, not what the students actually need. Therefore, the disappointing results sent me looking for new academies. Just last summer, I found  AP Academy, which was a total game-changer. Once you get there, you will get to know the teachers and instructors on a personal level, as they are the ones that care about your future. That is not just a random opinion. They show it through their actions and processes. Before you even enroll in the academy, the teachers there will have a very extensive meeting with your students to know them personally, and most importantly, understand their needs. Then, you take an extremely thorough placement test, in which it tests your strength and weaknesses. After which, the teachers will work together to create a plan for your students’ study. After all, this is the type of education you need, where the teachers care, not when the teachers don’t.

~Jonny X.


While studying at AP Academy, my daughter’s English ability has improved significantly. To be honest, we have attended no less than 5 education centers  in Irvine. My daughter is not interested in tutoring classes. She’d rather not take any classes. However, AP teacher, Rob, teaches classes in a funny and humorous manner. My daughter loves his class. Choosing AP Academy is one of the greatest decisions we made. 

~Kathy Q. 


AP Academy has been such a great place for our family. The teachers really know how to encourage each of my children’s strengths. I have so much respect for the way AP academy works with each student as an individual. They use positive encouragement to address academic shortcomings. AP Academy teachers have made tutoring such a positive experience for my children, they can’t wait to get to their tutoring sessions!  They also successfully helped my kids pass with 90 percentile on the SCAT for the John Hopkins CTY courses! 

With so much appreciation for all the hard work AP has put into my children’s academics,

~Dione K.

My daughter started AP Academy when she was in 6th grade. AP academy helped build her confidence in math and prepared her for the math enhancement assessment tests. Prior to AP, she knew the concepts but was not always confident in applying those concepts in solving problems. AP matched her with a tutor who was caring, engaging, and helped her build confidence in math. After a few months of attending AP, my daughter took the math enhancement tests and scored over 90% in both and was able to be placed in Enhanced Math! She now has a positive attitude towards math and loves learning new concepts. 


She continues to attend AP classes and really enjoys the personalized learning experience and small class size. The owners of AP Academy, Rob and Tasha, are passionate educators who can help your child excel and succeed.

~Amy S. 

 AP Academy has provided me with a safe, well-rounded learning environment where I can freely express my intellectual opinions and strive to become a better student. The teachers, staff, and peers here are very, very charismatic and have motivated me by supporting me and giving me valuable advice. Each and every one of the staff here at AP Academy is so considerate and thoughtful when it comes to the success of their students. I'm beyond grateful to have such extraordinary instructors and mentors who care so much about me, not only as their student but as a human being, guiding me on my path to college and forward. I've been taught some priceless lessons and had some unforgettable memories at AP Academy. Thank you so much! 

~Cindy. T 


AP Academy is the perfect tutoring center I EVER HAD AND PROBABLY WILL LEARN AT! In AP Academy, the tutors are able to  help me on Math, English, History, and so many more subjects. I started  the English class in AP Academy last year, and my grade in Lit & Lang had significantly increased by about 5 percent! Whenever I needed help on my homework, my tutor, Ms. Tasha, would always know the topic and help me . My average writing grades in both History and English Courses have been raised from Cs to As. Ms. Tasha would also help me on anything related to college applications. Not only did she help me decide what I should do for my passion project, she also  helped me create a website to help promote it.

Despite the academic help I received from AP Academy, the tutors are also super nice and kind to the students. Ms. Tasha treats all of her students like her own kids and I have received so much love from her. She remembers my birthday when I have only talked about it one or two times a year ago, and even brings a cake to celebrate with me!

~Vincent L.