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We offer full-year online AP Calculus & AP Statistics test preparation courses to students around the world.


AP Academy is one of the few online course providers recognized by college board!

Our courses are approved by College Board AP Audit Process

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Registration begins after 10th of May for the 2015-2016 school year!

Classes begin: August 1, 2015.
We accept students based on rolling admission & registration will be closed when a class is full.

Global online class Room

We deliver our courses using Blackboard and MathXL

Learning Management Systems.Our students have 24/7

access to live lessons.

  • Discussion board and chat rooms
  • Personalized Homework and Study Plans
  • Help through Interactive Learning Aids


Algebra 1 (Free)

Algebra II

SAT (Math) Prep Classes 

Classes with Live Lessons

We also offer same classes augmented by real-time online sessions for students in need of extra help.

We use  interactive white board and  student can talk with the teacher live and real time.