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  • Tasha Chang

Back to School Tips: High School Freshman Edition

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

As summer days come to an end, back to school shopping, packing lunches, and waking up early is now in season. Transition is always hard, and can be simultaneously invigorating and intimidating; especially from junior high to high school. High school is bigger, more challenging, more classes, and fresh faces everywhere. Good news though; you are definitely not alone!

Here are some tips to ease into a fulfilling freshman year!

  • Ready & Resourceful:

A new campus, especially one with multiple new buildings and spaces to navigate, can be overwhelming. Take time before school starts to familiarize yourself with where the main office is, which buildings your classes are in, your locker location, the gymnasiums/sports fields/ pools are, and any other important venues you will need to attend for activities. Having a pre-run before your first day will hopefully lessen any jitters you may have.

  • Clubs & Commitments:

After the first month or so, there will be some sort of club kickoff. This can run from a few days to a week of different clubs your school offers. Look around to see what interests you. Are you a chess player? Future politician? Or like comedies? There will be a plethora of clubs that have your interests. Ask questions and sign up. This does not mean that you are cemented in every meeting and event the club holds. You may not even want to join if it is not what you expected. Merely putting your information down is just that, to receive more information on what the club is about. It’s a great way to get involved, pursue your interests, and make friends. If you don’t see what you like, you can always create your own club!

  • Prepare & Pursue:

High school is the beginning of developing your higher education. Classes are more rigorous and can feel overwhelming. Keep up with your study skills and time management. Ask questions and advice from your peers, teachers, and/or counselors. There are many resources out there to help you steer the course! Stay committed to academics and don’t feel obligated to say yes to everything. Burnout is real, especially for a teenager just starting high school. This is the time to learn to create boundaries while demonstrating grit. College preparation and planning starts freshman year so have a great start!

  • Enjoy & Embrace:

Have fun! Be yourself and take advantage of all the opportunities your school has to offer. Everyone has their own personal experience of high school. The old adage of “ There will be good times and bad times” is true. Here’s to hoping the more prepared you are and soaking in all the experiences will give you wonderful memories!

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