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Why Us?

AP Academy partners with NWEA, a non-profit organization that supports students and educators by creating customized assessment solutions that  measure growth and proficiency—and provide insights to help tailor instruction.

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Experienced Educators

AP Academy was created by former educators who understand students on a deeper level compared to entry-level tutors. With years of teaching experience,  AP Academy offers a more holistic and personal experience to benefit the student.


MAP Growth Assessment / Data-Based Learning

NWEA offers assessments called "MAP Growth" based on common core standards. These assessments measure growth and achievement in K-12 math, reading,  language usage, and science. By monitoring these test results, AP Academy can provide a more customized learning experience supported by data. 


Customized Tutoring Plan

Using the MAP Growth results, AP Academy creates lesson plans according to the student's specific need-based standards. MAP Growth offers an extensive and comprehensive program that provides specific learning goals in particular subject areas. Understanding where the student needs the most assistance allows AP Academy to provide the most beneficial guidance. 


Holistic Approach

AP Academy values multiple intelligences, collaboration, and critical thinking. We plan to nurture the whole development of the student, monitoring both their educational and social growth. 

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